Saturday, May 28, 2005 10:19 AM

A fitting end.

TMG's much-maligned portmanteau word makes it into Wired magazine.

Page 46. Spielberg's War Of The Worlds on the cover.



Friday, May 27, 2005 1:05 PM

A little break

You may have noticed that this week will be enjoying a bit of a hiatus for retooling. Which is to say, I'd like to replace the tools who read this site and post pissy comments. The griefers are busting my hump and I'm ready for a change of scenery.

Tools like T. Thomas featured here:

...Who had this to say (unedited):

"you guys suck this is a fucking news site not a modding site i haven't seen any modding on anyones part this site alone is the reason I got a PSP. if i want new I will use google new"

If you like TMG, keep an eye out for the next incarnation. Something skewing a little older to attract fewer high-energy, teenage haters. I've disabled comments on this post, but if you'd like to contact me via with advice or constructive comments or to say goodbye: I'll reply. Haters save your breath - I won't even read them.


Friday, May 20, 2005 7:08 PM

Nintendo promises a console that won't run your code?

From a Gizmodo post...

"...but it was clear from the talk that Nintendo—the company so afraid of piracy that they shut down emulator sites and made their game discs in the Gamecube spin backwards—has no intention of letting fledgling developers copy their own content to the Revolution and play it. They even mentioned a “new DRM system” at the conference (which was heralded by a lone boo), ensuring everyone that the only way to get content onto the Revolution was via one of their locked down channels (online downloads, and I’m presuming maybe in-store purchases)."

From markatkollege



Nintendo promises a console that will run anyone's code?

"Freedom of design: A dynamic development architecture equally accommodates both big-budget, high-profile game "masterpieces" as well as indie games conceived by individual developers equipped with only a big idea."

From beloved Boing Boing



Thursday, May 19, 2005 8:46 AM

Voice over IP with the Nintendo DS

IGN has some brief but tantalizing coverage of a new demo called DSpeak. The phrasing of the article makes it sound like this is working, but not slated for any known game.

"Both systems are connected to each other using the WiFi internet capabilities of the Nintendo DS system. The demo is incredibly simple: using a connected headphone/microphone piece, you speak into the microphone and listen with the earpiece. You essentially hold conversations using the Nintendo DS over the internet. The demo features a 3D Nintendo character on the upper screen, with a wavelength meter displayed on the lower screen. On my screen was Mario, on the other guy, Wario."

Thanks markatkollege



Wednesday, May 18, 2005 9:58 AM

Meet the Game Boy Micro

Meet the sexy new GBA - the Game Boy Micro.
- 4 x 2 x 0.7
-Weighs about 2.8 ounces (20% less than the iPod mini.)
- Plays all Game Boy Advance games and has an add-on digital music player.

Also, check out the Engadget coverage for great pics.



Tuesday, May 17, 2005 1:16 AM

NES Emulator for the PSP

What? Isn't this a step backwards - this is coming off the heels of emulating the SUPER Nintendo on the PSP. Shouldn't these slackers have the Nintendo Revolution emulated on the PSP by now? Come on, guys. Get cracking...

Seriously, gotta wing some props their way. Sounds like the NES port might still run a little slow and have some bugs, but still an admirable feat. Boy - the difference a USB port makes. Or is it the memory stick?

Again, via vigilant deadlock32



Monday, May 16, 2005 2:59 PM

SNES Emulator for the PSP

The rumors appear to be true: there now exists a Super Nintendo emulator for the PSP. Pretty impressive work!

As one astute reader has already noted - the PSP hackers are only a hairsbreadth away from being able to emulate a Nintendo DS which has roughly N64-equivalent graphics. Better get cracking on some Wacom drivers for that sexy PSP USB port, fellas.

Thanks to deadlock32 for the hep...



Saturday, May 14, 2005 9:11 AM

Nintendo World opens today in NYC

"Nintendo of America is set to open Nintendo World in New York City's Rockefeller Center on May 14. The two-story, 10,000 sq. ft. store is a one of a kind retail outlet — part shop and part gaming arcade — that invites young consumers, and their parents, to play the latest Nintendo games on the latest Nintendo platforms."

This isn't the type of thing that we normally post but this is right in the heart of my core multiplay constituency. Seems like it might be time for some ad-hoc DS throwdowns...



Friday, May 13, 2005 10:49 AM

Nintendo to offer DS downloads at E3

"Anyone who brings their Nintendo DS handheld to the company's booth will be able to download and sample Nintendo DS software on their unit. Though the company was not specific on what will be made available, Nintendo has mentioned that games, video, and other surprises will be made available for wireless download."

From IGN.



Wednesday, May 11, 2005 9:23 AM

Gameboy emulator for PSP

Wowie wow wow wow. Those PSP hackers know how to make something personal. They be all up in our face about this....

- Gameboy emulator for PSP
- No sounds.
- Requires 1.0 PSP firmware only available in Japan. (For now)
- Download the emulator here.

Thanks to Photog, and Deadlock32 for the heads.



Monday, May 09, 2005 6:12 PM

Official Nintendo DS Online Details

"Iwata reveals that Nintendo plans on setting up Wi-Fi access points at game retailers throughout Japan. DS users will be able to connect to these for free. Currently, Nintendo is looking at establishing something on the scale of 1,000 such points throughout the nation. Of course, DS owners will also be able to use other access points, including those that are available in their own homes. The term Iwata uses to describe the Nintendo Wi-Fi experience is "seamless." This includes a pain-free connection process both at the retailer kiosks and, if you use one of Nintendo's specified wireless routers, in your home. Nintendo is hoping that, even when playing Online, players will feel like they're playing with a DS that's located in the same room. Online gaming through the DS will be a free experience, if Nintendo has anything to say about it. Iwata reveals that Nintendo will not charge users a dime (or, perhaps we should say, a yen) to play Online DS games. This means there won't be a monthly fee ala what Microsoft charges for Xbox Live access. This doesn't necessarily guarantee that all future Online DS titles will be free. Nintendo is not forbidding publishers from charging for Online content, so it's foreseeable that some charges may appear from some publishers. However, Iwata states that Nintendo is working towards keeping the experience completely free of charge."

Thanks to AngelOo713
From IGN



Interview with DSLinux creator Malcolm Parsons AKA Pepsiman

This week we passed one of the primary barriers towards making the Nintendo DS into a cheap, open, portable computer when mod master Malcolm Parsons AKA Pepsiman ported Linux to the DS. Generously Pepsiman has agreed to answer a few questions to help TMG readers understand what we have now, what we'll have soon and how to get in on the action....

TMG: Can you explain in laymens terms, what we have now and what the relationship is to UClinux and other Linux variants?

Pepsiman: DSLinux currently provides a text console on which you can run a shell
and play two text adventure games. Text is input using the Dpad to cycle through the letters, then pressing a button when the required letter is shown.

DSLinux is based on GBA linux.

The DS hardware is very similar to the GBA hardware, so this was a natural place to start.

GBA linux is based on uClinux, which is a modified linux for use on computers that are lacking the memory management hardware required for running the standard linux kernel.

A consequence of the lack of memory management hardware is that in uClinux, any program can crash another program or the kernel.

Both DSLinux and GBAlinux use the linux 2.0 kernel.

TMG: What's next?

Pepsiman: Using the Dpad for input is not very practical, so we are planning to add a keyboard on the touchscreen, much like the keyboard used in pictochat. Other things include audio support and framebuffer drivers to allow graphical applications.

TMG: What are the biggest nuts still to crack?

Pepsiman: The DS homebrew community has not yet worked out how to program the builtin wifi on the DS. Wifi support would be really useful, allowing web browsing, instant messaging, VOIP, internet radio, etc.

TMG: What do you expect the project will look like when you've finished? What should we expect in future incarnations of DSLinux?

Pepsiman: I don't think an open source project is ever finished. You can expect graphical applications and games, utilising the audio input and output and a touch screen keyboard & mouse. Wifi would be nice, but it might take a while.

TMG: Can we expect that eventually we'll be able to run any Linux OS software that the hardware supports?

Pepsiman: We haven't yet tried to get the X11 windowing system to run on the DS,
but if we do then any linux software that uses less than 4MB of RAM should run. So don't expect a DS version of firefox.

TMG: Who do we have to thank for this?

Pepsiman: I'm definitely standing on the shoulders of giants here. I'd like to thank Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, the uClinux team, the gcc team, and Clemens Buchacher ( who completed the GBA port ).

The DS emulator authors, ndslib creators, and NDSTech Wiki authors.

I'd also like to thank all the people who tested beta releases and provided screenshots.

All the code changes were made by me, but I did receive technical help on the dslinux forum and the #dsdev irc channel from TheChuckster, lynx, loopy, DesktopMan, WntrMute, PhoenixRising. Apologies to anyone I've forgotten - I don't keep irc logs.

TMG: What's your preferred method of accepting gratitudes? Paypal? Beer?

Pepsiman: At this point what I really need is a passme and a GBA flash card. I started this port using the iDeaS emulator, and have not yet run it on my own DS. DSLinux does not run in any current emulators, so I rely on others to test releases on hardware for me.

I'm not doing this for money, but if people really want to send money, paypal is fine, send me (pepsiman) a message on and I'll tell you the email address to send it to. I don't drink beer.

TMG: What's the best way for newbies to help? Are there opportunities for non-techies to pitch in?

Pepsiman: There's currently a "DSLinux Character Compitition" for all you budding artists.

TMG: For people just coming to Linux - what are some steps that you would recommend for educating themselves on Linux for the DS?

Pepsiman: The easiest way to try linux is with a livecd distribution like Knoppix . When you know how to use linux, we'd love to help you run it on your DS.

TMG: Are there any good crib sheets for installing DS Linux?

Pepsiman: Not yet.

Basically, you need a GBA flash card and one of passme, wifime or flashme. Download the DSlinux binary, write it to your flash card and put it in your DS. The DSlinux binary is not a .nds file, so it does not need a .nds loader. Use the normal procedure for your *me device to execute code from the GBA slot in DS mode....

Thanks again to Malcolm Parsons AKA Pepsiman


Thursday, May 05, 2005 11:30 AM

Run homebrew code on the PSP

"...this tool only works with Japanese PSPs, for now. But if you’ve got one or can get your mitts on one, you can use this Elf to PBP convertor tool to run code compiled for the PSP. The elf2pbp software converts the compiled code into a PBP file that can be executed from a memory stick when placed in a subdirectory of PSP/GAME. The other catch is that your Japanese PSP cannot be flashed to version 1.5. Yeah, lots of caveats on this one but still — it’s a start..."

From Engadget...



PSP UMD format cracked; game ISOs appear

From Engadget...



Linux for DS is here!

This is more very exciting news and should not pass without great fanfare. Linux for the DS is here!

The DS Linux team has been making a lot of progress lately. Not only is a kernel booting on the DS, but the SASH shell is now running along with a few text games. ROM images and patches for DS Linux can be downloaded in Downloads Section.

Although I'm not seeing a tutorial to help newbies port the Kernel, many answers to midlevel questions can be found in this forum thread...

Thanks to Malcolm Parsons suggestion to update the banner to reflect "Linuxed."



Friday, April 29, 2005 9:29 AM

Puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, PUPPIES!

"Four notoriously tough game reviewers scrutinized Nintendogs for Weekly Famitsu, Japan's leading video game magazine. All four reviewers returned with top scores of 10, for an extraordinary overall perfect score of 40...[NintenDogs] hit Japanese stores April 21. In its first week, it boosted daily sales of hand-held Nintendo DS systems more than five times the average daily sales rate of the previous seven weeks. "
Apparently the game is pretty cool. I want it soo bad. Let me clarify that this isn't the modder in me, or even the game developer...this shoots straight to the puppy center of my brain and triggers the inborn warming feelings that all mammals experience around small, big eyed mammals with large foreheads. I want to mommy those puppies.

Puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, PUPPIES!



Thursday, April 28, 2005 8:38 AM

Nintendo DS firmware patch (a.k.a. FlashMe) + Update

What is it? Currently it is a firmware patch that allow you to start from GBA cartridge without requiring a PassMe in the DS slot.


- You need to have PassMe or WiFiMe already running to get it. You must enter a unique firmware ID to download the patch - an ID you can get by running unauthorized code from the GBA cart.

- Great installation instructions available from Lynx

I'm doing mine today and will let you know how it has worked out...

: It isn't tough to do, or dangerous, or even lengthy. I recommend FlashMe whole-heartedly. The Lynx tutorial will serve you well...the only stumbling block I had as a newcomer was some difficulty successfully "shorting" the neccesary connection. I realize that I'm addressing an audience of newcomers who either built or purchased a perhaps I'm alone in my ignorance.

Lynx's video never quite turns the DS all the way round so you can see how he shorted the connection that permits you to replace the firmware - but the updater itself is very responsive. I tried a screwdriver, flatscrew, and jumper wires without success. I eventually was able to fidget together a sufficient short by using a bent paperclip arched between the red/white square and the exterior screw nearest the L shoulder button.

First reboot - worked like a charm. I'm doing Theo's when he gets his writable GBA cart.



Wednesday, April 27, 2005 7:11 PM

Old Mario Bros. Commercial

No important DS news to report, but I hope this old Mario Bros. commercial will satiate your cravings. It's amazing that a game can be successful with such corny advertisement.




Sunday, April 24, 2005 12:53 PM

DS Multiplayer Pushed to the Limit

Some friends of TechTV's Kevin Rose have come together to make an internet show that "utilizes off-the-shelf technologies in ways never before thought possible". In the first installment, they test the wireless cspabilities of the PSP and DS, trying to determine how the devices perform at high speeds, long distances, high altitude and amidst interference. The last couple minutes are awesome! The crew skydives from 14,000 ft with DS's strapped to their hands and attempt to play Mario with each other. Check out the video to find out if it works.

NOTE: You will need to have Bittorrent and DivX to download and view the video.



Friday, April 22, 2005 10:15 AM

The week in review

Ace reporter markatkollege and others keep sending me a few gems that I didn't report on this week because they were either dubious or already reported on by Engadget. But let's knock them out one by one...

Emulate a TI-85 on your Nintendo DS: some mod master homebrewed up a graphing calculator for the DS that uses the touchscreen as a keypad. That's pretty boss. What's better still is that he posts the download links on his site for both emulator DS and Passthru-specific code. Classy.

NeoFlash. I was almost sure this was a hoax. I guess it was the Photoshopped box art and the claim that the product would directly support TXT, HTML, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, NES, SEGA GG, PC-E, GB, GBA, and NDS (which the makers are branding "NEO.") The project now appears to be growing in size by adding legitimate developers to the pack so I've put in my order. When I get that box in the mail I'll write up a full report.

Brett Jackson Commends: Second Life.

Between seasons of Battlestar Galactica I like to occupy myself with the video games. One video game that is crack cocaine for builder/explorer/socializer player types is Second Life.

Second Life has been called "The Matrix without the evil machines." and I'm starting to believe it. As a working prototype of the "metaverse" scenario described in Cyberpunk fiction of a graphical online's a pretty solid start. Nice work Lindens.

The build tools are outta site.
You can make anything you want in-world and a use Linden Scripting Language (or LSL) to make it dance. Make a game or some machinima and host an in-world gallery event. Also - it's $10 for a lifetime membership and there's a free week-long trial. That's right. Practically no subscription. I think that the only thing standing in the way of Second Life becoming a completely viable middleware game development options is some form of detachable client. A local version of the online Second Life. Off the main grid but with entrances to the grid so that the 3D scenarios created can be fast tracked for the uninitiated user. A "construct" to Second Life's Matrix.

No subscription helps, tho.

Second Life for the DS: Me wantee. That's kind of impossible without official sanction so I'll make some polite inquiries on their forum and see how they feel about the idea. If you can take time out of your busy schedule of teamkilling and camping for a little building and socializing check out the free trial.

If you sign up, tell 'em Beelphazoar Hornpipe sent you.
I can feel the Linden's rolling in now...


Thursday, April 21, 2005 9:16 AM

DS Homebrew firmware in closed beta

"I thought I would make the first post about this here in this community before all of the hear-say begins about what it *IS* and what it *ISNT*, and if I forget to mention anything, please feel free to ask in this thread. :)

Basically, today started the first beta test of a new firmware for the DS, made by a member of the #dsdev comunity (loopy).

What CAN it do?
* Allows you to play home made demos that would normally require a PassMe or WifiMe without those devices, and loads the demos from GBA cart as normal.

What can it NOT do?
* Does NOT allow you to play commercial games from a GBA cart

What is required for the firmware update?
* An existing working PassMe or WifiMe to load the firmware update program. Once loaded, these devices are no longer required.

Will I have to remove the housing to the DS to apply the update at all?
* Only the battery cover. There is some stuff in there that has to be messed with (i'm not going to give out the specifics right now, as I dont want anyone messing up their DS units, because the LCD controller is also accessable in there)

Does it add any new features, such as Pictochat upgrades?
* NO! The only thing that has changed is to allow DS games to load from the GBA cart slot without the use of a PassMe or WifiMe. This is all that it does for now.

Is there any reason why I would want this new firmware?
* Only if you plan on making/playing home-brew demos, and have a GBA flash cart. Otherwise, it will be useless to you."


The firmware patch beta credits Loopy, Costis and Darkfader. Not Darkain.

Darkain happens know what's going on, and he and posted the above comments in the Nintend_DS LiveJournal community.



Wednesday, April 20, 2005 9:32 AM

A week of PSP hacks at engadget: today PSP tetris.



Tuesday, April 19, 2005 8:24 AM

How to program for the DS without Nintendo's help

We've now got multiple options for how to trick the DS into reading from it's writable GBA cartridge (Passthroughs, PassMe, WiFiMe) - but the DS homebrew demos are still quite scarce. Let's stir up the pot a little and see if we can't send some traffic to the tutorials on how to program for the DS....

- Everything You Need To Know (From the GBA Dev forums)
- Install NDS Dev Env 2.3.0 (From the
- Take the Dovoto tutorial or the AaronRogers tutorial. Both are very good introductions.

...And don't forget that you don't actually need to run your code from the DS - you can worry about that later and develop with a DS emulator.

Know of any other tutorials or assets that bear mentioning?


Monday, April 18, 2005 9:16 AM

More DSuggestions

DSRevolution has an editorials discussing a few additions they hope to see in future versions of the DS. Some old stuff, some new stuff like customizable voice alarm clock and Pen to Text Support that might deserve a look over.

Perhaps these can all be rolled into the hacker firmware update?

Actually, no.



Thursday, April 14, 2005 2:26 PM

Just my luck...

Everyone agrees that this was a watershed week in DS modding - Tim Schuerewegen made WiFiMe: a "wi-fi" work around for "PassMe" - the only device capable of permitting us to run our own homebrew code on the Nintendo DS.

This miraculous event just happens to coincide with... me finishing my month-long project to create my own PassMe from Natrium42's design. This hideous monster was the first project of this level I had ever undertaken and it required etching custom PCB boards as well as an insane amount of soldering and seating those infinitesimal PCI pins!

I'm not slapping my face with the maddening irony of it all - I welcome it. When my PassMe breaks I've got some kind of backup.Check out this photogallery of the apparatus and the building of it. I made it entirely from photo's on Natrium42's site. Most of the parts were pulled from a dead PC (including the PCI pins) and the cost of the actual components was well under $20.

You have no possible reason to make one of your own because of WiFiMe... but even a monkey can do it if sufficiently induced. Apparently. Be sure to check out the awesome green/black stains the copper-dissolving etchant left around my drain!



WiFiMe Tutorial - getting started "Most of us will remember Wednesday, April 13th 2005. On that day, Tim Schuerewegen released the driver and application necessary to allow anyone with a Nintendo DS, a GBA flash cart, and a supported wireless network card to load any homebrew demo/app on their DS. You already had the ability to do this with a PassMe device, but now can do it wirelessly!"

Follow the link to see if you're one of the lucky ones with the appropriate chipset. OR drop about $50 on a compliant wifi antenna card.



Wednesday, April 13, 2005 3:54 PM

Download WiFiMe - the wiFi passthough

From JaJa at DSLinux...

Although the page lacks instructions, this code, paired with the right wi-fi antenna will let you tell the DS to read code from the GBA slot (writable GBA cartridges are cheap and plentiful.)

This could be the development that opens the floodgates for all homebrew code on the DS. I don't have to tell you that.


Nintendo DS - Wireless Multiboot "PassMe" Hack - Version 1.0

(c) 2005 Tim Schuerewegen


This is an application that performs so-called wireless multiboot on
the Nintendo DS and starts homebrew code from the GBA cart/slot. It is
not possible to upload homebrew code because of the RSA signature check.


- Windows 2000 or XP
- Ralink RT2560 PCI or CardBus card
- Nintendo DS
- GBA cart and programmer
- One or more Nintendo DS homebrew games/demos/apps

How to use

1) Install custom RT2560 driver.
2) Put homebrew game/demo/app on GBA cart.
3) Run the wmb.exe application.
4) Accept download in "DS Download Play" on the DS.
5) Wait until download completes.
6) Enjoy homebrew game/demo/app.



Tuesday, April 12, 2005 8:46 AM

In the wings: Homebrew firmware updates

Darkfader has traced the Nintendo DS' firmware write-protection (for crucial first 512 bytes) to a location on the hardware: the SL1 contacts.

This means that with some fancy iron work your DS and mine can be totally open for running homebrew code - the end goal.

"I'm not sure yet how to protect the firmware from malicious code, since only first 512 bytes are protected. Perhaps we can exploit the firmware loader so that only first 512 bytes can hold some recovery code. Nintendo might not have planned any firmware updates. So we have to do it ourselves. Loopy is making the first patch to original firmware to allow execution from GBA cartridge. Any more suggestions of what to put into the new firmware?"

What do we want in our own firmware? This is the time to speak up. Post suggests to comments, or follow the link to the original thread to immerse yourself in the frey.



Monday, April 11, 2005 12:39 PM

The BIG ONE! Wireless Pass Through!

I'm officially using "OMG! " unironically. This is a hack to send a wi-fi signal from the PC to the DS which fools the DS into running DS code from the GBA slot. Basically, a virtual PassMe. As markatkollege remarked - this makes up for the dissapointment of not having actually getting us online today.

, Darkfader and Tim Schuerewegen have been talking lately....

Tim Schuerewegen: Final version of my Wireless Multiboot "PassMe" hack. The previous version needed a small change to the PassMe boot code for taking control of the ARM9
CPU. This is no longer necessary. It is now compatible with existing PassMe
homebrew binaries.

- no need to buy a PassMe
- parameters can be passed to PassMe binary (few bytes)

- long loading time
- requires a 802.11 PCI/PCMCIA card with specific chipset (RT2560)
- only for Windows 2000/XP

Here's that list of supported RALink cards:

From markatkollege...



Close the DS without activating sleep mode

Jish on the Livejournal site posts an addendum to the known magnet hack - judicious use of a magnet can be used to keep your DS awake, even when it is closed. No damaged DS' reported, but use with caution.



DS Online -- April 11th? Definately Not

Get ready for some strongly worded comments: Jadrule.TK, the site claiming to have found a loophole permitting the DS users to tunnel games is a hoax. The site now says simply: Yeah, it's a hoax.

Looks like we may have to wait until later this year when online comes from Nintendo. In the meantime I invite you to speculate as to what kind of person creates a hoax like this. A emotionally needy man-boy? Actually, probably just an emotionally needy boy.



Friday, April 08, 2005 8:24 AM

Demasked demasked has a long interview with Warp Pipe head man Chad Paulson. In addition to taking some of the heat off of the Demasked campaign he explains the accompanying songs and imagery...

"With respect to the transmissions, we were trying to convey to the public our interpretation of online gaming before demasked."

Uh...huh. So the answer to the riddle from which these clues spring is "marketing generalities?" Looks like we can put away our Where is Captain Crunch decoder wallets, because this isn't exactly The Beast.

Now for the revealed Demasked info...

1) Demasked was "a communication tool for users to find places to meet up with other DS users in their area." Now it is more but still basically the same.

2) Not connected with GameSpy Networks in any fashion. Oh Nintendo, when you try to love two women, you can't love either one.

3) "Demasked is very heterogeneous. Demasked could be used in all three next-generation consoles including the two current-generation handhelds."

"When we tried to open a dialogue with Nintendo at E3 2004, they were simply not ready. The priority was with the launch of the DS, they were trying to stave off online functionality as much as possible."

4) "The Chorx are characters in a game we will be releasing shortly after E3, called "Ahhh-choo!"...For the sake of maximum accessibility, it will be a flash game. However, I think it would make a great handheld game. We'll see what the future holds for the Chorx."

5) What will Demasked offer that services like Xbox live do not? "Personality. Most significantly, the ability to completely share your own personality if you choose to do so...50 percent of communication is non-verbal, and Xbox Live can't deliver a community experience filled with personality when gamers can barely verbally communicate to begin with."

If the disease from which Andrew Martinet suffers in this teaser movie is some kind of gamer's social anxiety disorder, how will you respond? Would you want this man's help?



Thursday, April 07, 2005 9:22 AM

PSP Vs. DS hacks contest at Engadget

Why don't we just come out and say it? The PSP and the DS are roughly the same size - what would happen if someone compared the two? Finally, now somebody has.

Listen up, gamer-hackers: we’re doing a contest that will pit the best PSP hack against the best DS hack in a full-on head-to-head deathmatch. This is the Engadget equivalent to the Royal Rumble except without the leotards — we want to see some serious competition go down, ya dig? You’ve got to fight for your favorite gaming system by coming up with the best possible hack you can muster, and documenting it with a proper write-up (we’ll consider really amazing tips and how-tos as well).

"Money where your mouth is" time, boys. If someone has a plan to unveil a DS based robot, now is the time. Don't wait until April 11th.

Thanks to Mark At Kollege



Tuesday, April 05, 2005 3:19 PM

Assembled PSP hacks

There's a great collection of the available PSP hacks compiled by the hard-working Engadget crew. They've got all the classics: Browsing, TiVoToGo...but they've also got the ones you might have missed such as the dead pixel checker, and how to tunnel with XLink Kai.



PSPLinux effort drafting young leathernecks

See the open call for Linux developers on this site.



Monday, April 04, 2005 9:46 AM

DS Online -- April 11th? We'll bite, right?

Misternul reported: Jadrule, developer of DS LinkUp, claims to have discovered a loophole that will allow wireless tunneling.

According to Jadrule's site, the Beta could be released as early April 11th. They're now working insure complete global compatibility - the feature request that felled the XLink Kai team in bringing us tunnelling for the DS.

With the software, hosted on a PC, gamers will have a buddy list and can even create game-specific rooms. You will not be able to join a game in progress.

We're a trusting community, and we've been fooled before. Remember the TiVo that could grant wishes? And those photoshopped pics of that GBA that would emit a holo-message from Princess Leia supposedly for sale at E3? ...but like Adama lying to the rag-tag remains of cylon-ravaged Caprican human race in his care that he could lead them to Earth in Ronald Moore's exceptional new Battlestar Galactica: right now we just need something to keep us going.

This thing could go either way, but right now I'd follow that man into hell.



WarpPipe good news and bad news...

A flurry of activity over at WarpPipe - first the stuff they don't want to call attention to:

Warp Pipe Moves Forward: Over the past year, Warp Pipe has slowly transitioned to a software technology company, creating a product suite for video game publishers and developers. As we have made this move forward, we have evaluated the immediate needs of the Warp Pipe community in relation to the long term goals of Warp Pipe Technologies and have come to the conclusion that it is not in our best interest to allocate resources on the GameCube tunneling project.
The tunnelling software will remain fully functional but they're pulling support - forums will remain online. All in all, not too shabby.

A new spate of clues about Demasked - the mysterious non-tunnellling software for the DS.
1) Look around, what do I see? Nothing and nobody but me. Who am I?
2) Broken Chairs your body conforms to. Out beyond the quieted garden. You can bring the man form into trust. Through the holes in my everydayness. Lends sustenance where starvation's necessary. Cause my brain's a dictionary. Of long spring days and the speech of crows. Who themselves are mirrors of apprehensions. In the fallen sun. Alright. You can make it stay
3)Come on Oh baby don�t you wanna go Come on Oh baby don�t you wanna go Back to that same old place Sweet home chicago Come on Baby don�t you wanna go Hidehey Baby don�t you wanna go Back to that same old place Oh sweet home chicago
4) Two sides, diametrically opposed. They both want something, but what? Nobody knows.
5) Have you ever wondered what lurks above the top floor?
6) Which mask are you?

Pretty oblique stuff. If I had to guess - I'd say that they're making something that connects players to each other...but, this software will only be sold to blind gamer living in Chicago. You heard it here, first.


Friday, April 01, 2005 11:00 PM

Retro Redux: a 24-hour Atari Game Design competition

Live in NYC? Like making video games? Be sure to check out Retro Redux, where teams have 24 hours to produce as many games as possible around the retro technology of Atari’s Flashback 2.0 game console. Retro Redux offers game aficionados a chance to create games of the future based on some of the most classic games of the past. One winning game design will be selected for possible inclusion on a future version of the Atari Flashback console...

Apparently Wired and the New York Times will be covering it - as will this site with a rare blow-by-blow realtime documentation submitted by picture phone. Riveting.



V-Pocket & Game Boy Evolution just myths?

AMIB over at the Nintendo_DS livejournal site posits that the rumors about the DS Palm-based PDA and the "evolution" successor to the GBA are both hoaxes. Retractions all around, it seems.



DSLinux rallys the troops.A rallying cry on to finally, stop messing around, and put Linux on the DS. Passme's can be got for $20 now - wh's stopping us? Really?

If you have good input or experience in these matters, you'd be doing us all a favor by stopping by and offering advice. PSP is whipping our DS ass right now on cool mods. Let's show the big boys what you can do for $150 bucks.



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