Thursday, March 08, 2007 12:35 PM

DS Browser: I got good news, and bad news....

Good news? It's finally coming. We'll see it in June. Price unknown - probably around $50.

Bad news? It has no support for Flash, video, sound or PDF. What a kick in the dick - what the hell CAN you use the browser for? Will I buy it? Certainly. But I'm not going to like it.

For now: DS Linux has a browser. Any other contenders want to take up the mantle of the single most important app any wi-nabled device can have?




At 9:08 PM, Thom Brady said...

"what the hell CAN you use the browser for?"

Good question, really expected more from this thing, even some sort decent Flash or other multimedia support. I was looking forward to this, too, now I'm in doubt that I'll get it.

I mean, I know the DS isn't even close to a powerhouse, even attempting some sort of rudimentary support would have been nice, and really would've sealed the deal.

Oh well.

At 4:39 PM, Rob said...

comes out first week of june... the price is actually like 30$ (according to online price at


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