Wednesday, January 17, 2007 1:52 PM

Opera Wiiquests #3

Say it with me: Multi-player browser.

This is the biggest and most important feature overlooked on the wii browser. From the very
first time I saw 4 Wiimote cursors in simultaneous use - 4 numbered gloves on the screen wiggling and barrel rolling like happy puppies - I sighed, hoping beyond hope: that browser had better fucking be multiplayer.

This was an easy shot at doing something truly great to distinguish Wii's
socializing, entertainment browser from the PC's onanistic, single pointer affairs.

Can't you just picture it?

Knoah: What're you guys doing?
Brett: Sitting on the couch surfing the net on the Wii.
Knoah: I'll bring over my Wii-mote! That way I'll have my Mii and all my bookmarks!
Brett: You can put your bookmarks on the Wiimote?!
Knoah: This is only a dream.... ONLY A DREAM....

Did you see this? Did you see this one? Click on this. Click on that. All without the clumsy trading of seats. All without passing of a clammy mouse. All without misheard or mistyped URLs leading to second-hand Googling? God, it could have been wonderful.

Perhaps only one Wiimote at a time could click - but with the other Wiimotes left active as pointers. Perhaps they could all click and the screen would split into quadrants. Perhaps all Wiimotes can click - but only one at a time and the clicker must choose who to pass the clicking to next - will George Costanza choose V, Admiral Ackbar or Steve Zissou to pick the next Flickr slideshow to watch? God, it could have been wonderful.

Multiplayer Browsing is such a natural fit that one almost feels that they took it out rather than neglecting to put it in.



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