Thursday, January 25, 2007 3:17 PM

Comic Book DS versions up!

This really exquisite little homebrew app for the DS lets you take your comic books with you and the new version posted just this week!

The 2 part application comes with 1) a converter that lets you take your archived comics in .CBR format and convert them into DS format, and 2) a DS player for reading these newly converted files with sufficient control to manage even the biggest and most non-standard book sizes.

There exists a booming comics-trading community and a stellar way to get current on an unfamiliar comic storyline is to find a torrent with the collected. Now that there's a way to make that portable without the risk of bending up that near-mint ish we're near - so very near to having a feasible form of portable digital comics.

When I get the newest version running on my own DS - I'll pass along impressions.


Turns out that my card, DS-X, will occasionally have problems with this app - as chronicled here, so the review will need to wait.


That shouldn't stop you from bulking up on digitized comics. Try for comics torrents and stay current with their crucial comic torrents RSS feed.




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