Monday, May 16, 2005 1:59 PM

SNES Emulator for the PSP

The rumors appear to be true: there now exists a Super Nintendo emulator for the PSP. Pretty impressive work!

As one astute reader has already noted - the PSP hackers are only a hairsbreadth away from being able to emulate a Nintendo DS which has roughly N64-equivalent graphics. Better get cracking on some Wacom drivers for that sexy PSP USB port, fellas.

Thanks to deadlock32 for the hep...




At 5:14 PM, speed said...

I'm getting so tempted just to put my DS in a box in my cupboard and leave it there until some more developments occur.

In the mean time, the PSP is looking very appealing. Kind of disappointing the DS community isn't really going anywhere. I guess it just remains to be seen.

At 5:35 PM, deadlock32 said...

Come on now 'speed'... it still make a great alarm clock! ( that my main use for it currently )

At 6:17 PM, AngelOo713 said...

Yep, deadlock32, I also use the alarm clock as my main use!!

At 6:18 PM, AngelOo713 said...

Like I said before, it will not be long until they make a ds emulator for the PSP!! haha!!

At 6:43 PM, Paul said...

yeah i think i use mine more as an alarm clock than i do as a gaming console

At 12:56 AM, Silent K said...

It's still only functional on firmware version 1.0 (which means ONLY the first run of the Japanese PSP). US PSP owners will have to wait. But as we have seen, time and time again - if there's a way to lock someone out of something then there's most likely a key...

At 12:57 AM, speed said...

I use mine primarily to books on which is on my GBA cart. So essentially I still could be using my GBA. I would like to get one of the cards supported by wi-fi me but I think I will wait a bit longer to see what other developments occur.

I really like Nintendo but they seriously seem to screw up their products with poor marketing. I think it's starting to stagnate. I mean it's not really necessary to release a new Mario on every console that they develop. Sure they're fun but recyclingn gets a bit boring (with the exception of something like Zelda).

At 12:58 AM, speed said...

Sorry that's "to read books on".

I like my DS. I'm just impatient.

At 2:21 AM, Jayenkai said...

I'm currently enjoying Yoshi Touch & Go, which sees my DS coming out of "Play whilst I cook" mode for a while, and forming part of my regular gaming sessions.

I'd probably be fiddling with a PSP, too, if it hadn't been delayed till frickin' September over here..

But the way I figure it.. That's probably when we'll be getting some DS games.. So no real reason to get a PSP, by then!

At 3:20 AM, Alan Gerow said...

The Game Boy Advanced had roughly SNES level graphics. The Nintendo DS has roughly Nintendo 64 level graphics.

At 7:50 AM, Brett said...

Thanks, Alan - fixed it.

At 9:22 AM, krono6 said...

When the PSP Price reduces, I'll probally trade in my NDS... Even though I was one of the biggest Fanboy on release..


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