Monday, May 09, 2005 6:12 PM

Official Nintendo DS Online Details

"Iwata reveals that Nintendo plans on setting up Wi-Fi access points at game retailers throughout Japan. DS users will be able to connect to these for free. Currently, Nintendo is looking at establishing something on the scale of 1,000 such points throughout the nation. Of course, DS owners will also be able to use other access points, including those that are available in their own homes. The term Iwata uses to describe the Nintendo Wi-Fi experience is "seamless." This includes a pain-free connection process both at the retailer kiosks and, if you use one of Nintendo's specified wireless routers, in your home. Nintendo is hoping that, even when playing Online, players will feel like they're playing with a DS that's located in the same room. Online gaming through the DS will be a free experience, if Nintendo has anything to say about it. Iwata reveals that Nintendo will not charge users a dime (or, perhaps we should say, a yen) to play Online DS games. This means there won't be a monthly fee ala what Microsoft charges for Xbox Live access. This doesn't necessarily guarantee that all future Online DS titles will be free. Nintendo is not forbidding publishers from charging for Online content, so it's foreseeable that some charges may appear from some publishers. However, Iwata states that Nintendo is working towards keeping the experience completely free of charge."

Thanks to AngelOo713
From IGN




At 6:46 PM, AngelOo713 said...

At 9:03 PM, Paul said...

What the hell is a "Nintendo specified wireless router" and when will we get a list of these i wonder?? Why not compatible with all routers!! stupid nintendo

At 11:15 PM, narF said...

because not all routers works the same. With a Nintendo specified one, you will be sure that it will work.

For the other routers, you will probably need to install a program or something.

At 10:09 AM, SFFT said...

I'm so waiting for more annoucement/information concerning any North America online access. Like how many access point that will be available. Where, any map that will tell us? Any "nearest wifi hot spot" locator using postal code and such,...

At 4:25 PM, Silent K said...

I'd rather hear this news rather than nothing. But we all know that this is fluff. N knows that it's fluff. They have nothing to fill the void until the time comes. It's just time to wait wait wait wait...

At 5:01 PM, AngelOo713 said...

The guy who posed this missed a huge junk of info/ the ds will be able to go online with the rev being the router... You will need a subscription (free of course)
and some other stuff that im to lazy to type out.

At 6:06 PM, Paul said...

this seems to be the official nintendo website for the new online... now if only i could read it :-p

At 5:49 AM, Jayenkai said...

No, that's for those Demo-Pod things, that allow you to download demo's, and what not..

However, I'd imagine those could be updated to act as routers..

At 3:04 PM, Paul said...

yeah thats what i was thinking.


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