Wednesday, May 11, 2005 8:23 AM

Gameboy emulator for PSP

Wowie wow wow wow. Those PSP hackers know how to make something personal. They be all up in our face about this....

- Gameboy emulator for PSP
- No sounds.
- Requires 1.0 PSP firmware only available in Japan. (For now)
- Download the emulator here.

Thanks to Photog, and Deadlock32 for the heads.




At 11:11 AM, SFFT said...

As it been tryed by anyone else than the author?


At 1:32 PM, deadlock32 said...

more pics for you = ]

At 3:00 PM, natrium42 said...

Great job! Looks like real PSP dev is starting up :)

At 6:51 PM, SFFT said...

Well this is sure a PSP madness news on this site. Any chance to know a site like this one newsing DS?


At 9:12 AM, jaymoore31 said...

Starting up? Its moving full speed. A SNES emu for the PSP if being worked by the same guy who made the GBA emu work for the PSP. Im kickin myself for upgrading my jap psp firmware!!

At 4:31 PM, deadlock32 said...

well cygoku, your second post was kinda hard to understand, but if that was a stab at a DS site posting PSP news... think about it, with out these psp snippets, it would be weeks between each post. = ]

At 8:37 AM, AngelOo713 said...

wow, it won't be long till a DS Emulator for the psp comes out


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