Friday, April 22, 2005 10:15 AM

The week in review

Ace reporter markatkollege and others keep sending me a few gems that I didn't report on this week because they were either dubious or already reported on by Engadget. But let's knock them out one by one...

Emulate a TI-85 on your Nintendo DS: some mod master homebrewed up a graphing calculator for the DS that uses the touchscreen as a keypad. That's pretty boss. What's better still is that he posts the download links on his site for both emulator DS and Passthru-specific code. Classy.

NeoFlash. I was almost sure this was a hoax. I guess it was the Photoshopped box art and the claim that the product would directly support TXT, HTML, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, NES, SEGA GG, PC-E, GB, GBA, and NDS (which the makers are branding "NEO.") The project now appears to be growing in size by adding legitimate developers to the pack so I've put in my order. When I get that box in the mail I'll write up a full report.

Brett Jackson Commends: Second Life.

Between seasons of Battlestar Galactica I like to occupy myself with the video games. One video game that is crack cocaine for builder/explorer/socializer player types is Second Life.

Second Life has been called "The Matrix without the evil machines." and I'm starting to believe it. As a working prototype of the "metaverse" scenario described in Cyberpunk fiction of a graphical online's a pretty solid start. Nice work Lindens.

The build tools are outta site.
You can make anything you want in-world and a use Linden Scripting Language (or LSL) to make it dance. Make a game or some machinima and host an in-world gallery event. Also - it's $10 for a lifetime membership and there's a free week-long trial. That's right. Practically no subscription. I think that the only thing standing in the way of Second Life becoming a completely viable middleware game development options is some form of detachable client. A local version of the online Second Life. Off the main grid but with entrances to the grid so that the 3D scenarios created can be fast tracked for the uninitiated user. A "construct" to Second Life's Matrix.

No subscription helps, tho.

Second Life for the DS: Me wantee. That's kind of impossible without official sanction so I'll make some polite inquiries on their forum and see how they feel about the idea. If you can take time out of your busy schedule of teamkilling and camping for a little building and socializing check out the free trial.

If you sign up, tell 'em Beelphazoar Hornpipe sent you.
I can feel the Linden's rolling in now...


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