Monday, April 11, 2005 11:39 AM

The BIG ONE! Wireless Pass Through!

I'm officially using "OMG! " unironically. This is a hack to send a wi-fi signal from the PC to the DS which fools the DS into running DS code from the GBA slot. Basically, a virtual PassMe. As markatkollege remarked - this makes up for the dissapointment of not having actually getting us online today.

, Darkfader and Tim Schuerewegen have been talking lately....

Tim Schuerewegen: Final version of my Wireless Multiboot "PassMe" hack. The previous version needed a small change to the PassMe boot code for taking control of the ARM9
CPU. This is no longer necessary. It is now compatible with existing PassMe
homebrew binaries.

- no need to buy a PassMe
- parameters can be passed to PassMe binary (few bytes)

- long loading time
- requires a 802.11 PCI/PCMCIA card with specific chipset (RT2560)
- only for Windows 2000/XP

Here's that list of supported RALink cards:

From markatkollege...




At 12:07 PM, Anonymous said...

Great work! best news so far for the DS. Jadrule did sweet f all to stop the hacking scene :)

At 12:29 PM, Krono6 said...

What Hacking Scene?! Jadrule is a Bitch Fucking Shitbag..

At 12:50 PM, Cygoku said...

I think this is great achievement, I wish I could test that and run my own homebrew code with that.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous said...

I just meant..he won't hinder progress or spirit, etc :P

At 2:24 PM, Anonymous said...

It's not a wifi-passme, it's a wifi-passthrough. PassMe is a 1" x 2" passthrough.

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous said...

ok, and how exactly can i do this?

At 10:15 PM, Anonymous said...

I would consider "THE BIG ONE!" to be a flash cart, or at least progress cracking the cartridge encryption

but this is still some fine progress.

At 6:34 AM, Anonymous said...

Hurry with the download link - theycan't just announce this and put trailers up without source/download its.... cruel!

At 12:49 PM, [email protected] said...

Well, it's released now.


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