Friday, March 18, 2005 9:57 AM

Who can wait? Puppys and Pockets today!

Everyone is excited about the upcoming lineup for the Nintendo DS - but some of us are starting to get impatient for these exciting new games. Why wait if you don't have to? Nintendo in it's wisdom decided to make the DS backwards compatible so it might be time to finally get that writable cartridge and run some unpopular backup ROMS from xmas past...

Looking forward to Nintendogs - the puppy simulator for DS? Google the words "1785" and "creatures" and you'll find references to a gameboy port of the long-lived artificial life simulator for PC "Creatures."

Norns are smallish, furry and alive - artificially. You'll enjoy disciplining them with a floating disembodied hand and discouraging them from eating poisonous plants. If you can't have a cute puppy, you can at least have this light-resistent strain of Mogwai to shower with misplaced maternal attention.

How about the V-Pocket - Nintendo's upcoming PDA for DS? A Googling of the words "1405" and "personal data assistant for gameboy advance" will yield links to this PDA for the GBA:

This eyesore permits you do everything the V-Pocket promises to do: which is to say virtually nothing. You will be able to keep a DS based copy of your address book, calendar contacts and calculator.

You'll even be able to write and save text via the dpad and buttons. Remember the Ericsson Chatboard CHA-01 works as an external keyboard for the GBA - it's mechanism for connection is unclear, but unless it uses the GBA programmer port missing from the DS there's no reason it wouldn't work too....

Now if we could only locate a former wireless browser for the GBA. Sigh.

UPDATE: Great discussion of finding ROMs with Google. I don't want to get myself in trouble with anyone - corporate Nintendo or even the hard-line anti-pirating gamers... but time is too short for anything but the truth. ROMs are a convenient way to store, transport and investigate games that you wouldn't otherwise see - I'm calling this a gray area and I'm more inclined to be fearless rather than cautious. I'm currently free from oversight, legal reprisal and editorial guidance so lets run out some line and see what happens...



At 5:22 PM, Trav said...

Creatures sucks. My brother used to have it for the Playstation and it sucked so bad.


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