Thursday, February 10, 2005 8:23 PM

Xlink gives up the ghost

"Finally, as Raf explained in the DS forum, we're pulling out of the supposed "race" to tunnel the DS - at least for now. Under current conditions, we don't feel like we're making sufficient progress right now to keep people hanging on, and I genuinely wish anybody else attempting the same thing the best of luck. If things change, you will be the first to know, but for now, we're pulling back from it all. At this point, I'd like to extend a huge thanks to soul2soul and l3laze for pushing us as far as we went, and to Tim for his invaluable contribution with the Sweex stick work."

XLink Kai - the tunnelling company working to tunnel the DS has given up. This is a sad and surprising announcement. Wha' happen'!? (Fred Willard voice) "Not enough progress being made, everyone scratching their heads, time will be spent on other areas of development (and new avenues)." I thought things were going so good. We'd have it in a few weeks. Metroid tunneled. Smooth play. 100ms ping. What specific technical issues fluffed them up? Well, apparently the speculation goes that 1. the connection wouldn't hold 2. they came across hardware issues. 3. something was too well encrypted or otherwise secured.

I can't offer you solice now. No one can.

...But, TheDaddy assures that "All relevant research will be made available to those who want to take this and work on it on their own" - provided you're capable. And Soul2Soul says: "yes it ran, but on a expenisive router and the programming would take ages. Blame Nintendo, they couldn't use a normal protocol. Everyone wants DS online... but no."

Forum poster J_Man61 said it best: "Nintendo is probably sitting next to some wireless device that will let us play online. just sitting laughing and petting it"




At 10:17 PM, Anonymous said...

Well, atleast they will release their work, hopefully. But honestly, the distain with which they've treated DS owners with their snide comments all the way through, I was 95% certain they weren't serious about this, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't release anything.

At 12:40 AM, Anonymous said...

(Sony Payoff || Utter Failure) = True

At 6:42 AM, Zen Punk said...

Well, with the way the DS users treated them, it's hard to blame them. The forum was pulloted with a bunch of clueless fucks that harassed them nonstop. The thing was, they hated the DS itself. They referred to it as a shoddy, piss-poor implementation. "Two GBA's stapled together" in the words of one of the devs.

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous said...

Blame Nintendo? I don't think's not Nintendo's job to make tunneling easy for the people at Xlink. You don't hear people over at "blaming" Nintendo for the encryption on the DS slot.

If Soul2Soul wants me to blame someone, I blame the Xlink crew, for failing. Not trying to be ungrateful here, but it is not Nintendo's responsibility to tunnel the DS. That's a job for the devs of tunneling programs.

If they want to complain, and act like children about it, that's their decision. Likewise, I don't have to view them with any sort of respect as developers.

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous said...

I definitly agree. Those harsh comments regarding the departure of the project from open eyes made me believe they were simply saying "Screw you DS pansies!"

They may think they're superior to us, but we game players have a choice. And my choice is that I will never ever take XLink seriously ever again after this mess (perhaps until I get Xbox).

At 2:06 PM, Anonymous said...

heh, guess they couldn't 'hack it'. ;p


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