Wednesday, February 23, 2005 10:12 AM

Nintendo packages and sells... us.

Is there some massive cultural disconnect - or is Nintendo trying to insinuate itself into the "homebrew community" brand?

It has been announced that the Play-Yan is going to be released with downloadable scrap mini-games named "garage games."

"Garage" games? Downloadable?

Is Nintendo trying to affiliate itself with us? Some crazy notion...but not too taxing that Nintendo would try to "value-justify" downloadable games as "mini" and create a brand that cashes in on our good will for the hacker/cracker community? After all - why buy from the store when you could download from the net?

There's no denying the bad-boy coolness of those modders riding the DS with a saddle of gumption... but as long as Nintendo runs a closed system they don't get to be outlaw cool. They can be neat or fun but not cool.

You do, though. Keep reading.




At 4:35 PM, Anonymous said...

yeah its retarded, the games are played in a tiny portion of the screen, fuck all that, you can play small NES games on that one video player (I forgot which one) so who cares about them "garage" craps

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous said...

The one that plays NES games is the GBA Movie Player. I have it and like it, but how does it compare to the Play-Yan?

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous said...

does the Play-Yan utilize the 2 screens of the DS? Also, the Play-Yan, is a god among existing flash kits, basically extending it to become 1GB, I bet someone could hack it and make it run gba games etc... like a normal flash kit


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