Thursday, February 03, 2005 7:17 PM

Much discussed RSA Security sticker on every DS finally explained. + UPDATE

xcvbxcv cxvxcvxcv writes: I suppose this would be newsworthy... and he's right.

RSA BSAFE technology is used to protect the digital rights of game publishers for titles shared over these wireless links. The technology also allows Nintendo to protect game software that is issued on a trial basis for play in retail stores and other demo environments.

"Nintendo's use of our embedded RSA BSAFE technology in its portable game console is a great endorsement of our leadership in providing the security components consumer device manufacturers need, in order to offer protection for digital entertainment assets on their platforms," said Rick Welch, Vice President of Developer Solutions and Professional Services at RSA Security.

This from the article yesterday from IGN.

So now we know what the RSA sticker means - copy protection for games. This little gem could mean a harder row to hoe for the hackers trying to rip games wirelessly - and for those of us trying to make new ones.

Another link that says the same thing but restates the RSA security as "protecting the gamer." Now that's something different altogether. Do we believe this?




At 1:34 AM, Anonymous said...

The article in the updated link does once again mention the function of a DS searching for other DS units. Articles from IGN and other game sites made it seem like this would have been a feature right out of the box (tehcnically, it does, but you must be IN pictochat, and that's complete bull). Either the author of the article is using quotes from the Nintendo source that are OLD or whatever the configuration of the long awaiting super mystery online THING will also allow the user to search locally - Like I thought was possible out of the box. Dang, the wait continues. [silentk]

At 3:24 AM, Darkain said...

I would just like to know that to date, the wireless protocol is completely unencrypted, however, the cart interface is what is encrypted. My guess is the "RSA Wireless" has to deal with WEP/WPA/etc forms of encryption used by wireless access points, and is a common form of wireless encryption (which can easily be broken already)


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