Friday, February 04, 2005 7:12 PM

Can Gameboy developers add DS functionality to Gameboy Advance games?

This great discussion over at GBA dev turns over this interesting question: Can Gameboy developers add DS functionality to Gameboy Advance games - and by extension homebrew Gameboy developers do this?

Short answer: oh yeah, probably. We don't know quite yet.

Everyone seems to agree that it may be do-able, but one astute poster cinches the position by reminding everyone that the DS manual itself, says the GBA slot is an "Expansion slot".




At 8:09 PM, Frag2DaDef said...

Sure.... Just like Zelda OoA and OoS for GBC had a secret shop if you used a GBA to play....

At 10:16 AM, guymid said...

From the fact that Nintendo have done it already on the Play-Yan MPEG 4 player (see the answer must be yes. The product specs show that this GBA cartridge plays video at GBA resolution on GBA/SP and the larger DS resolution on the DS. Therefore, a GBA cartridge (albeit with some extra circuitry) can indeed access the extra features of the DS and provide either alternate (enhanced) versions of games or at least some extras.


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