Monday, February 28, 2005 10:43 PM

"Brain enhancement" for DS coming...

"After the launch of Puppy Times, we have plans for other games that will also expand the definition of video games. Ideas that we have [for the DS] include a game that employs an electronic dictionary, a game that enhances brain activities, and a game that's played by [listening to] sound and touching light."

I'm looking forward to Puppy Times and I'm looking very forward to having my brain's activities enhanced. How about you. I hope that it doesn't cause swelling.

Via Gamespot




At 1:08 AM, Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Iwata is getting a Marshall McLuhan complex. Regardless of the neato niche games that they pump out, the system must not abandon the issue that it must create community. DemaSked needs to fade back into existance again or a facsimilie there of...[Silent K]

At 9:05 AM, DASGames said...

I think what they mean is in like the SM64DS mini-game "Wanted," how it kinda trains your brain to find things quicker or something.

At 7:47 PM, Leif902 said...

Wow, brain enhancement... This will probably be exercises that train your conciouse mind to react more with your subconciouse mind... like w/ the SM64 mini gamd "Wanted" like the guy above said... This could be a very interesting project! (you know, anyone can be "Trained" to have photographic memory... mabey this will happen, they will display a shape and ask you to draw it... or mabey they will have a thing that reads electronic motion in your brain (you know a head band) and then responds to it... so w/ a couple hours of training you could just think "Move Right" and the character will move... easily possible!


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