Monday, January 24, 2005 5:02 PM

The week in review...

Brett is now back from a week long vacation in the Caribbean and ready to resume his duties cataloging the efforts of those gods of modification working to hack the Nintendo DS wide open for all. As promised - here's the past week in review...

Commentary: Now I guess we'll have to be the DS Paparazzi, too. WarpPipe-friendly DSCentral reported a chat transcript with WarpPipe frontman Chad Paulson seeding the blogosphere with new rumors. We now have a "Chork" pronounced "Cork" - a fictional creature the snout of which can be seen in the newly revised warpipe technology webpage logo graphic. (Always loved that WarpPipe logo - what a great combination of the ethernet port and the classic Mario Warp pipe. And double snap on the metaphorical signifigance and it's kinetic tang.)

Chork. Feels like an anagram to me. Anyone? The transcipt is quite long but some interesting tidbits fell out. You will be one with the Chorx to begin the quest to save humanity. Dr. Tushar Singh invented the Chorx. Chorx will bring the community together online. Chorks will enable you to participate (participate in the sense of helping)in demasked . However, you will not be able to experience demasked "just yet". Chorx are free. They come in all colors.

Item:Darkain Dragoon expands wi-fi DS hacking.
Commentary: Nothing but forward motion from one of the more talented chaps in the scene. Take a look at his great pics of spoofing the DS into running his text and his icons through wifi. We get more and more info every day...

Item: TiVo-To-Go is out and the protection hacked.
Commentary:Readers of TMG will recall that I have a TiVo and I will not apologize for letting my love it of spill into my DS reporting. A program called TMPGEnc permits TiVo-To-Go users to remove the TiVo protection from their TiVo-recorded MPEGs and trade or burn them to DVD with any DVD burning program.

UPDATE: I was on the internet in minutes expressing my enjoyment with the amazing science fiction currently on TV! I highly recommend both Justice League Unlimited and the new Battlestar Gallactica!

Justics League Unlimited just aired the first 30 minutes of a pleasant time travel episode in which Batman, Wonderwoman, and the Green Lantern get sent to the old west to reign in (snert) a cattle rustler with stolen future tech. They meet Jonah Hex, and three other characters that I'm sure exist with great backstories elsewhere in the DC universe. The second part of the duo shows our heros getting flung to the far future where they meet other familiar characters from including Batman Beyond's stooped Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis. The quintessential slash fiction scenario. Teen Batman SLASH Young Batman SLASH Retired Batman - all lounging on Bruce Wayne's enormous canopy bed while Alfred works overtime towling his Masters' Bruce.

And Battlestar Gallactica - wowee. I can't stress how solid this show is. Each member of the large cast is tied for first in character development, charisma, intrigue, complexity and likeability. And the show wrestles with very thoughtful themes of democracy, mortality, and human frailty. + Bonus because the Internet gets the whole full season before the American public. How is this again? The show is British? Wha? Can some in-the-know reader answer me and post those bittorrents?



At 7:53 AM, Anonymous said...

Battlestar Galactica is easily the greatest show on TV. Its absolutely amazing. If you want to download the episodes via bittorrent, check out and for em. Make sure you watch them on TV too. It hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, so make sure you keep the ratings high. The season finale is simply mind boggling and amazing. I was floored by the immersive ness of the story. Show your friends! All of mine love it.


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