Monday, January 03, 2005 1:26 PM

Updates XLink Kai, Skins & TiVo

Happy new years, friends. Some minor changes worth noting.

1) XLink Kai Forums back online. Still worth reading, too - despite the "XLink media blackout" among the less-traveled, back roads of the blogosphere. (friend to the working man) will, of course, continue reporting anything interesting with appropriate links.

2) New decal sites for DS skins! 2 new companies with exotic glossy and chrome decals now appear in the right column beneath Skins & Decals. User reviews are crucial - anyone try these companies? How was the turnaround time? Did the decal fade? Did it leave a sticky residue when removed? I'm still waiting for my DecalGirl skin but expect full minutae breakdown once it has arrived.

3) And finally - my christmas miracle happened...I'm told. TiVo-To-Go launched today. Although it hasn't appeared my TiVo. The update is automatic and the software updates will be done in waves over the next weeks, but enter your TiVo box number here to go on the priority list for those ultra-eager for the update.



At 11:52 PM, Chanticrow said...

I have several skins from DecalGirl, and can vouch for the quality. Very durable, very glossy. Also very easy to apply. Each piece comes on a clear non-adhesive sheet. Apply the entire thing in the correct position, and then lift off the clear sheet leaving the vinyl skin on the handheld.

I botched up and got a few air bubbles on the first skin I applied, but after two weeks or so I noticed that the air bubbles were gone. I imagine the vinyl is slightly permiable and allows the air out over time.

Overall, I'm very happy with the skins. My DS looks great wrapped in a black carbon fiber print.


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