Wednesday, January 26, 2005 8:44 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Demasked = fish-guts?

Frequent readers will know by now that whenever the word EXCLUSIVE appears in the headline the following story will be either laughably insignifigant or wholly fabricated. Not so with this story - not so.

Eyes peeled during my 24 hours media DS news vigil, I spotted this:

This is from the Simpson's episode Homer Vs. Dignity - where C.Monty Burns, dressed as santa showers the parade-goers with fish guts. One can clearly see the tell-tale tube of the Chorx (the fictional organism spokes-snout for the upcoming Warppipe mystery project Demasked as reported yesterday) fully identifiable here as fish entrails, constructing the rest of the image hinted at in the updated Warppipe logo. These pink tubes are clearly visible throughout the scene on Springfield orphan Patches, and decorated war hero, Lenny.

I hereby retract my guess that the tube in question is a snout and advance the theory that the Chorx is probably an invisible microorganism living in chum. I guess that will help me make friends for free. Especially friends that can smell blood in the water at great distances - thus confirming that, as Paulson claims, WarpPipe's nearest competition actually IS Microsoft.

But really...

Almost equally signifigant is the recent rash of rumors that we'll know about Nintendo going online tomorrow as reported by CVG - who believe we're extremely close to an announcement of an XBox Live-like service for the DS which they speculate may be revealed at Nintendo's unveiling of the European pricepoint and release date for the DS handheld. This happens tommorrow, Thursday, January 27, in Paris.



At 4:56 PM, Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to this news for so long. And it's been so long that I don't actually beleive that it will ever come. I feel as if we'll be stuck in this era of DS limbo forever where there are hardly any games to choose from, no online anything a terribly media bias and the PSP on the horizon. Will these days every end?


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