Friday, January 07, 2005 3:59 PM

Another DS accessory invention competition + UPDATE

UPDATE: This contest should has ended. Coverege of results here. and are offering 5 GBA movie players for the most imaginative Nintendo DS accessory. The site encourages all to put our imaginations to work and describe Nintendo DS Accessory or software (or new features) that we dream of. Extra points given for detailed descriptions. Pictures and drawings encouraged.

This silly little never-was (that i'd kill to have) is described on the site:

Add on NDS Expansion / Options pack that takes full advantage of Wi-Fi, enables web browsing and adds other PDA features on the Nintendo DS. Main PDA application / software is stored on the NDS Game Card that is inserted into [SLOT-1]. This package comes with another cartridge for expanding console's memory and capabilities - special SD card adapter that fits into the Nintendo DS GBA game pak slot [SLOT-2]. This adapter cartridge is (should be :-) ) SDIO Compatible so that PDA accessories like PPC Cameras could be used for NintendoDS.

Sounds pretty good huh? Get out there and make the future happen.




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