Wednesday, December 01, 2004 10:22 AM

Nintendo DS multiplay at the Belgian Beer Bar in NYC

Did we party it up last night! Thanks to those who came despite the short notice. To those who couldn't come - check out these pics and promise yourself that you'll come next Tuesday (12/7/2004) when we all get to rock it a second time at Barcade in Brooklyn...

SCOREBOARD: Over the course of the evening we had 10+ in attendance. Only 40% boys - a very good ratio for a gaming event. Lithe limey Theo pretty much slaughtered us all in Metroid, until Quake 3 Queen Kaho arrived and evened the score. Mario 64 was in heavy rotation and again Theo taught us a lesson in suffering - come next week and free us from his tyranny with an floor-wiping!

Check out the complete PHOTO GALLERY here:




At 6:16 PM, Anonymous said...

thats rad, makes me wish i was over there, would have been there for sure. wonder how something like that would go on the west coast :P

~tyler in vancouver


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