Friday, December 31, 2004 4:57 PM

Nintendo DS Joystick mod

Blak on the Nintendo Forums has posted instruction diagrams for a Nintendo DS mod that would work as a joystick slipcover for the touchscreen. The design is crude and has some problems, but, IMHO, has moxy & is worth a quick look.

Blak claims to have already constructed a protoype but offers no pictures.




At 7:46 PM, Anonymous said...

Orrr....use the thumbstrap. Looks like it would be the same, except the thumbstrap does not use up as much space.

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous said...

This guy would be a fool not to grab a patent or two quickly
think of the templet possibilities; steering wheel, etc

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous said...

LOL, patent that? I had that idea 4 or so weeks's really nothing special. The touchscreen and games are not made to have obstructions...and I think it may get in the way often than not.

Personally I think the ZipPen that i found at OfficeMax has better possiblities. The zippen is a 1.5 inch pen that attaches to your finger, and the cap on it is perfect for a stylus (round and smooth).

Also if he could develop a nice finger cap for index fingers it might be less obtrusive.

Finally, i say that this idea wont go far, when the real peripheral companies get a hold of the SDK, they will make a GBA expansion analog stick that interfaces directly with the touchscreen hardware (just sending press commands). This hardare could be located to the left of the D-Pad, or have a little suction cup and attach to the face of the unit above the d-pad for example. Single wire I suppose.

Maybe these ideas are patentable.


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