Friday, December 17, 2004 2:25 PM

Mod Gods Skin Contest

The tradition of fan art is a diverse and venerated one. When a cultural artifact reaches some critical mass - it's fan community responds by creating original works in humble homage to their beloved francise. This phenomenon is no longer simply a way for us to read fan fiction envisioning Picard & Riker kissing - it has grown and matured to extend to such nuanced variants as Riker/Spock, Riker/Riker Transporter Clone and even Uhura/Smurfette.

In this tradition, would like to announce a skinning competition. Create and submit a skin which acknowledges, blasts, riffs or parodies something in this big ball of confusing DS rumors and facts that we swim through daily.

To start the ball rolling - I present the "Demasked" skin. Prominently featuring a fearsome tribal mask, this skin also exhibits various texts and insignia to capture the cloak-and-dagger vibe of the advertising campaign behind the product.

The skin is mercifully free of logos. The only readable text on the skin is directly below the D-Pad. Because just like Fox Mulder...

How to enter: Download this PSD template from and go nuts! Submit a web-res version of your skin or skins to and when I've collected enough skins to make a good run of it, I'll post a poll and let the readers decide. The winning entry will get a free copy of the winning skin mailed to their home - and probably something else. Maybe something good. I don't know what yet.



At 9:50 AM, Anonymous said...

Thats the ugliest thing I've seen in quite some time. A bif fat UGGGGGHHHHHHH!!211!

At 10:20 AM, Brett said...

Honorable men can differ.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous said...

I like designing stuff , but I think it's gonna make the DS look even worse - no matter how cool the skin is :/

Perhaps 'cos it doesn't cover all of the DS (which would be tricky). A black DS might look better with decals. But otherwise this is what I would want to do if I needed my console to be different:

At 9:39 PM, Gearbox said...

So, are there any restrictions?

At 5:12 AM, Anonymous said...

That's ugly. Is that modivation to make something half assed?

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous said...

That example skin is obviously not half-assed.

At 1:44 PM, Brett said...

Restrictions: You can't make skins with copyrighted material because...DecalGirl won't print them. Anything else is fair game.

...and as for calling my skin ugly - I call this style Baroquedelic. You don't like it, you should submit a prettier one. See what the polls say.

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous said...
What do you guys think about this one?

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous said...

This isn't a skin idea, but it would be cool if the DS had a transparent case, like the official colored re-release of the original gameboy - if it were transparent and the screen were viewable from both sides, then you would watch movies using that new GBA slot media thing while the sucker is closed.

I'm not so sure about making decals, I'm trying to think of a good idea, but I'm more of a fan of the smooth, clean surfaces look of the DS. It's a very Shintoism inspired look. Would be cool to make a skin to have the DS look like it was made of smooth wood. -SilentK

At 3:38 PM, Anonymous said...

Uh, about that transparent thing, pal: You do realize that not only is there hardware in the machine that would stop you from viewing images from behind, but it is impossible to view those backlit LCDs from the back anyway.

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous said...

yeah I agree with the skin criticism the skin itself is not in a very nice format, like the cut out for speaker grill just makes it look ugly. I would say that maybe a clear skin with a simple design might be nice.

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous said...

I know that all of the hardware in there does not allow for the transparency idea that I expressed above. I thought it was obvious that I meant that it would be neat if the hardware allowed for this. Don't be a tool.

Back on the decals, I think that the cutouts are one of the reasons why I don't especially like the idea. I'm a big fan of color consoles, I colored my Gamecube with them (Blue console, disk lid, blue glowing LED etc). I'd still for for a few nice colored DS units - they'll release them once sales slow and Chad Paulson is out of ideas to drive DS interest.

At 1:58 AM, theo .:. said...

Here is my contribution. Ninja themed skin. The background color would either be clear or as close to the DS color as possible.


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