Thursday, December 09, 2004 10:49 AM

DS Multiplay 2

DS multiplay 2 was serious fun. It took place in Brooklyn's Barcade - a bar with many 25 cent 80's era arcade games. It turned out to be a little bit of a weinie roast - any women present were unaffiliated with the multiplay... but so much better for the authenticity of a good, old-fashioned, sitting cross-legged in front of the NES game session. We had a lot of fun.

How conversation worked with DS multiplay: instead of dominating the party like conventional LAN games, the DS permitted fraggery for the gaps in the party when we weren't talking and joking. People would look up from playing, ask a question - some would all look up and reply others would just reply. The more engrossing the conversation, the more heads would pop up. As the talking topic started to thin we'd one by one slip back into the multiplay. Very cool. Very natural. Trash talk and team strategizing were also in full form. Possibly because players face each other when playing the DS instead of a common screen or outward-facing terminals.

We talked about Demasked. We talked about the games we had played and what we had heard. We talked about Atlus' Caduceus - a sci fi surgery game that lets the player use the stylus as a scalpel.

To uproarious laughter, somebody quipped that the touchscreen could be used to write condolance letters to the families of your many patients.

Metroid multiplayer is fundamentally different with 3 or more players than with 2 players. As Knoah put it, the game is, "no longer beat up on your little brother..." More players = greater range of skill levels.

When the party broke up Knoah and me both traveled North on the 4 train. While we were standing on the platform playing Mario - another guy walked up with his DS already out and was immediately ready to join up. It wasn't "hello." It was "What game?" It was a very, very cool experience.



At 5:19 PM, Anonymous said...

Word to the wise - when attending DS multiplay nights, remember your Metroid game card!! It's a good thing the bar didn't serve food, otherwise I would have gotten buffalo sauce all over the touch screen. DS Night 3 planning phase to commence in San, Ni, Ichi...

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm the guy with no regard for a proper "hello". Nice site and some usefull linkage here at Thanks for providing me with my first DS multiplayer Metroid action. Lots of fun. Note to self: Beer + multiplayer Metroid = @ss kicking. ;-)



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