Monday, December 13, 2004 9:30 AM

Design a DS Gadget Competition

Datel Design and Development - the company behind Action Replay is having a contest where gamers submit ideas for unique add-ons for the DS. They make no specific claims of producing the ideas, or compensating the inventor... but they'd still like to see what you come up with. C'mon...

"...we figured it might be fun to ask you guys to come up with some ideas of your own for the DS. Now, we’re likely to come up with an Action Replay for the DS and maybe some additional accessories because we’re working within certain technical and financial boundaries. However, you guys have no such limitations, so we want to see some crazy, far out ideas with loads of details, pictures, diagrams and specs!"

Additionally - is pleased to see that they've included a vision of the DS as VR goggles, reported here 2 days prior to the contest announcement...

"Maybe you want to design a device that makes the DS into a set of virtual reality goggles..."

...but - on the chance that this is not a wild coincidence - it should go without saying that the concepts, methods and hacks originating on, are for non-commercial use only.

If you do decide to abdicate ownership of your ideas - why not post it here, too, so that the community of thugs and hop-heads working to despoil the DS can also benefit from your imagination? You'll get solid props, if not a free Action Replay DS edition.




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The concepts, methods and hacks originating on are for non-commercial use only.