Friday, November 26, 2004 7:28 PM

DS wifi update

Thanks to Darkain over at the DS livejournal community we have this news...

1) over 500 packets per second are sent, but only in chat room "A"
2) chat rooms "B" "C" and "D" apparently send random information on other wireless channels besides channel 1
3) the size of the transmission is based on how many "lines" you enter into pictochat. IE: the text lines... draw in the first, itl only send the first. much like how it displays on the top screen.
4) sending 1 "line" of information is sent as 13 MAC packets. the first is a NinDS header contaning mac addresses and a message address. second packet is completely empty, im guessing this is used if there are more users in the chat room. (i only have the 2 DSs to test with)
5) all text and drawings in pictochat are sent as raw uncompressed bitmaps. the bitmaps are sent as 4 bits per pixel (one nibble), with the bits equaling "0x1" for black and "0x0" for white.




At 3:11 AM, Darkain said...

The information on this is constantly being updated... such as the note about it being a "raw bitmap" turned out to be false. The data is actually tile data that needs to be arranged into a bitmap to be displayed. forums are probably the best place to get updates on this information right now.


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