Wednesday, November 24, 2004 7:13 PM

DS FAQ: The Pipe thing

So - you may have heard a bit about an esteemed company called WarpPipe announcing an undisclosed and amazing new product/service for the Nintendo DS: Demasked. Supported by a teaser campaign with imagery of DS as "eyes," being lost, and interconnectedness the product/service is purported to be as unique and essential to life as the Nintendo DS itself.

What we know and can deduce about this thing:

- This service will "revolutionize" online gaming
- NOT, NOT, NOT tunneling (like WarpPipes earlier work.)
- It will not use PC software.
- It will be used on the upcoming sequel to Animal Crossing.
- It can be used with offline games, but it is for online games.
- " are also interacting with the individuals who are playing alongside you. The enjoyment of the game is often times the sum of the game plus the level of familiarity you have with the people who are playing with you. There is a level of camaraderie and intimacy that exists when playing games with your friends ... Our service will address these issues."
- You will have to "unmask" yourself to take full advantage of this service


- This is something that will, in part, help us locate other players in physical space? Perhaps via the persistent trail of GPS-like signals you leave across various wi-fi networks? You "unmask" yourself (agree to have your name attached to your unit publically) to get the identity that goes along with it?

-Demasked? A social networking tool that helps us "see" each other. Personalitys? Interests? Like the Lovegetty? Detect proximity and "type" or other players.

- Eyes. The thing will be be camera-related. Possibly using the DS to superimpose game or wireless data atop a live video real-world view? The patents (1) seem to bear this theory out.

Links that document the campaign:



At 2:05 PM, Robert said...

Nintendo DOES have a patent for some sort of GPS cartridge here. So I'm thinking that's what it is.


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